About Ladakh

In the last twenty years since Ladakh was opened to outsiders, the ‘aura of mystery and inaccessibility’ has impressed the people willing to visit. Ladakh is not only geographically remote from almost everywhere; it is also remote in Atmosphere, Landscape and Culture from anything most first time visitors are likely to have encountered before. The receptive traveler may well regret the distance that the wheels of his vehicle put between him and the landscape, and in particular how he is cut off from its sound: the sigh of the wind, the roar of the rushing water, the whistle of the marmots, the cry of the birds.

There are two ways to reach and explore this unique land. One is by air, which is not advisable, as it may create health problems and one misses out the beauty and unique landscapes, which one can experience the other way, that is the ground transport. Ladakh is connected by surface from two sides, one is Himachal Pradesh, starting from Manali and other is from Kashmir starting from Srinagar. Both the routes pass through what must be in its stark way some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world; and the roads themselves surely rival, in some of the acrobatics they perform up & down the mountain sides; any in the Alps, the Andes, or elsewhere in the Himalayas.

Leh a tiny Speck of freshness in a hollow between monotonous grey slops at a transition from desert to greenery. From June to mid October the town is jostling with energy of the tourists as well the locals serving them. A small ‘L’ shaped Market, with Restaurants, Grocery Shops, Consumable Goods Shops and few Hotels.

One cant explain the true beauty of Ladakh in words as one needs to feel, see and experience by oneself to get the real charm of Ladakh.