There is no any place on earth that can be more breathtaking, challenging and fascinating than Ladakh.

There is beauty in its barrenness. The colors are stark. The Indus River beckons you, curving along the path, taking you to lands forgotten. Clothed in snow, the mountains encircle you as you climb the steps to monasteries perched precariously on cliffs. Watch the lakes change color every minute as you drive through the land of high passes, and feel humbled in the barren landscape. The favorite of all is Pangong Tso, although Tso Moriri comes a close second.


This is why presently Ladakh has become a fascination for every travel enthusiast. Authentic & detailed knowledge about this fascinating and fantastic destination, is still lacking. Chalo Ladakh offers its travel partners and guests an entirely unique luxurious adventure with a detailed fact of this magical and mystical destination.